Where Will Mobile Network Kits Take You?

If you have teams operating in adverse conditions or working in remote locations, you’re constantly reassessing your options for high-performance connectivity. That’s why forward-thinking organizations are now relying on mobile network kits that empower them to get business done from anywhere at any time—enhancing employee productivity and communication in the process. Each powerful kit grants users access to a reliable wireless network that supports an efficient workflow. Read on to learn more about mobile network kits and what they can do for your business.

What is a Mobile Network Kit?

A mobile network kit is essentially a mobile network contained in a rugged, compact box. The kit facilitates emergency communication and provides wireless internet backup and failover applications that help employees stay connected outside of the office.

Mobile network kits maximize availability and uptime by routing traffic based on bandwidth usage, application content or cellular data usage. They offer an enterprise-class IT solution that prioritizes reliability, scalability, technology management and security.

Empower teams to conduct business from anywhere with rugged mobile network kits that improve efficiency and communication outside of the brick-and-mortar office. Contact us today.

Benefits of Mobile Network Kits Include:

  • Stronger On-the-Go Connectivity – Capitalize on a reliable, secure, high-performance connection.
  • Enhanced Emergency Communication – Count on wireless internet backup and failover applications.
  • Secure Wireless Internet Access – Tap into primary and secondary wireless internet access for businesses.
  • Increased Mobility for Team Members – Take along ruggedized, compact cases with built-in power supplies.
  • Remote Access to Apps and Data – Access a private WiFi network for faster data and video transmission.
  • Boosted Agility in Challenging Conditions – Work more efficiently in harsh environments using an integrated antenna.
  • IT Support from Mobile Network Experts – Take advantage of 24/7 automatic monitoring and expert IT support.

The best mobile network kits will keep your team—and your business—up and running no matter what. As you can see, kits are ideal for anyone who works in adverse conditions or operate in isolated areas with weak internet coverage.

Mobile Network Kits Are Great for:

  • Teams Working in Remote Locations – Prevent downtime by closing gaps in mobile coverage.
  • FirstNet/First Responders in the Field – Equip personnel and vehicles with the right mobile solutions.
  • Transportation and Fleet Operators – Mobile network kits simplify logistics for everyone involved.

To suit your unique needs, kits are available in different LTE bands, LTE frequency ranges, Wi-Fi frequency ranges and are equipped to handle harsh environments. Let professionals set you up with a top-tier kit that can support your mobile teams 24/7 and keep all of your mission-critical projects on schedule.

How STEP CG Can Help

Elevate your digital profile and grow your business from the cloud up with help from STEP CG. We are an award-winning, nationwide IT services and engineering firm that is headquartered in Northern Kentucky and serves businesses in Greater Cincinnati and beyond.

Our team delivers cutting-edge IT services and solves complex business challenges through a blend of experience and expertise. We are high-level engineers who provide enterprises with collaborative solutions for cloud, security, collaboration, core infrastructure, managed services and more. Take care of business on the go with mobile network kits backed by Cradlepoint NetCloud Services and designed with public safety in mind. If you’re ready to optimize your network and outfit your mobile teams with the latest equipment and services, we’re ready to help. Contact us  today to find out what we can do for your business.


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