Where Innovation Meets Execution

At STEP CG, we push the boundaries of what is possible. Our elite engineering talent is constantly pushing disruptive technology for solutions that help our customers solve problems more efficiently and deliver real business outcomes.  As our engineering team and talent continues to grow, our problem solving becomes more and more sought after.

As our CEO Ed Walton says, “We’re where innovation meets execution.”

The STEP CG brand…what does it look like? The culture reflects growth, success, people, bourbon, passion, sports and fun.

Not only is Bluegrass Blue a staple of Kentucky, but blue is who we are. Blue is thoughtful, imaginative, trusting, loyal and intelligent. With our culture framed, Rob Huff, Founder and President, sums it up by saying, “It’s no secret that we’re fans of Kentucky. It comes down to good people and being a good teammate.  Moving forward with a new color and a new tagline is something that encapsulates what STEP CG is and where we are going and the people here are important.” Rob also notes that, “It’s not rocket science, do the right thing.” We are an IT solutions company that serves businesses nationally and we got here by doing the right thing and remaining engaged at a local and regional level.

The question remains then, how will we stay here? Our culture is made up of getting the right people with the right attitude on the bus and having a collective vision and passion for what we’re executing against. Then it’s going and making it happen, holding each other accountable and having fun while doing it.


Our vision is to constantly innovate and be the leading IT solutions provider in the markets we serve. We have a vision for our company, our employees, and our community. We foster personal visions and careers by providing a platform and empowering people to follow their dreams. We have a highly skilled team of engineers, knowledge and experience in IT, but we also have a robust staff of musicians, artists, writers, pilots, ninjas, athletes, mayors, poets, farmers, gamers and the list continues to grow. We foster a vision in our community as we continue to grow and give back by constantly investing in the people and places around us, giving back wherever and whenever we can.

Our passion takes our vision and puts a spark under it. Our passion is what drives our unique ability to design and implement disruptive technology faster and easier than anything before. Jim West, STEP CG CFO says, “Anytime a company is doubling revenue and size year after year, it’s clearly a group of individuals creating something special with a customer-first focus and innovative approach and passion for helping customers solve their technology needs and meeting their business goals.” This is a vital part of our culture as a company.

Talent is something that we see throughout every section of the company. Keith Temple, VP of Engineering, talks about our talent like this, “If you’re a thoroughbred hanging out with donkeys, you’re going to sit around like a donkey. If you’re a thoroughbred running with thoroughbreds, you’re going to run until your heart bursts.  A thoroughbred loves to race and that’s what our culture does.” This only speaks truth to the amount of talent on our team. Our teams are always intertwined, and we are all pushing on another as a group of racehorses would.

Accountability is not only within the company, but with customers and with our partners. Our vision and our ambitions are constantly holding us accountable as we strive to be the best partner and the best solutions provider we can be. A motto we use internally is “Iron sharpens Iron.” Our culture is interwoven with thought leadership and a lot of fun, so this style of accountability has no space for friction. With a company that is built by sharpening one another, you find accountable leaders willing to get in the trenches and connect with people to conquer challenges. Katie Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer, replies to me asking about iron sharpens iron by saying, “It’s in our DNA. Our culture creates a place for quality people and the highest quality IT solutions.”

As the best is always saved for last, it is imperative that interpersonal connections are by far the greatest part of our culture. Todd Kelly, our SVP of Solutions Engineering says, “People are everything. Our relationships with our partners, customers and each other are the most important thing that drives our culture.” Without this aspect of our culture, everything else would fall apart.

In closing, as we introduce the change of color to our brand, Kentucky is noted for its lushly growing bluegrass and the breeding of thoroughbred horses.

STEP CG is the Bluegrass Blue of IT solutions providers in the Midwest and the South.




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