The Next Phase of Reopening: Remote Connectivity Solutions & Safety Tips

Now, more than ever, comprehensive COVID-19 reopening plans for safety and strong remote connectivity are vital to organizations. Whether your workforce is returning to the office, staying remote or balancing a mixture of the two, having plans to accommodate remote and in-office workers is important as we transition to the next phase and return to work.

Some organizations, especially ones that either deal with the public or are in a state or community with limited cases, have started to plan phased returns to the office. It’s important that these organizations recognize and address the concerns of their returning employees with robust security measurements and remote connectivity solutions.

What Measurements Can I Take to Promote In-House Health and Safety?

  • Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of shared surfaces
  • Encourage or mandate mask wearing for safety
  • Initiate phased returns to the office in limited capacity at first
  • Reorganize office space to ensure proper six feet social distancing is maintained
  • Invest in door stops to prevent fewer handles from needing to be touched
  • Keep up to date on CDC proper admittance and screening guidelines
  • Implement screening measurements such as temperature checks at the door
  • Be flexible and understanding. Not everyone will feel comfortable returning to the office right away, and some may have conditions that make them high-risk (or live with someone who is high-risk). Accommodate your employees to ensure that you’re promoting their health and security first and foremost.
  • Communicate the measurements you’ve taken to create a safe environment to your employees, and continue to listen and address their concerns.

Not all employees will be able to return safely, and not all organizations are looking to reopen any time soon. For these, it’s imperative to have a strong IT infrastructure with the right remote connectivity solutions in place.

What Measurements Can I Take to Accommodate and Protect Remote Employees?

  • Utilizing VPNs for safety measurements
  • Shipping wireless access points to an employee for secure connections
  • Establishing remote policies and procedures for employees
  • Having employees undergo frequent cyber defense training
  • Holding frequent video chat calls to establish a sense of teamwork and community

How STEP CG Can Help:

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