Improving Public Safety with the Help of Technology

Public safety matters to every citizen in every community and is a top priority for municipal governments across the country. A lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into ensuring that cities are running smoothly and can handle anything that comes their way. From police officers to firefighters to EMTs and more, public servants spend a lot of time outside of the office and out in the field doing the important work of improving the public safety of their immediate regions. Doing so effectively requires experience, courage and training—but without the right technology in place, these heroes can be cut off from their safety nets and left unable to do their jobs.

One solution that empowers wireless connectivity is NetCloud, which “is at the heart of everything we [at Cradlepoint] do — a cloud-based subscription service that combines cloud management, software-defined networking, and unified edge security with industry-leading LTE and 5G cellular networking technology to power a portfolio of purpose-built wireless edge routers.”

Secure cloud-computing and reliable mobile networking services like the ones included in NetCloud provide the IT infrastructure it takes to keep your residents out of harm’s way. Every community can benefit from leveraging the power of technology for the sake of public safety. Getting comprehensive services, like the suite of tools in Cradlepoint’s NetCloud, puts you in a position where you can respond to the needs of your citizens in record time.

How Can IT Solutions like Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Support Public Safety?

  • Real-Time Communication: A lot depends on the ability of 911 operators and first responders to communicate in a clear and quick manner that never lets you down. But EMTs who have been dispatched to the scene of an emergency must also be able to convey patient information to hospitals. During a crisis like a natural disaster or pandemic, having access to the right technology and cloud-centric services can make the difference between life and death. Mobile command centers only work if everyone is communicating in real-time.
  • Secure and Reliable Connections: Along similar lines, when sensitive details about patients, victims and policies need to be transmitted, everything needs to stay private and data needs to remain safe and secure—especially when HIPPA compliance is concerned. That’s why it is critical for you to invest in the right IT services and software. By definition, first responders who are in the line of duty are depending on remote devices and wireless routers to provide them with the connections it takes to ensure public safety. When connectivity is mission-critical for GPS location services and the transmission of data, the security and reliability of your network cannot be overlooked.
  • Smart Technology for Vehicles: From fire trucks to ambulances to police cruisers, vehicles make up a critical part of a community’s public safety infrastructure. With the right cloud-based services in place, remote devices like smartphones, computers, tablets and car radios support first responders on their quest to make sure a community is blanketed with on-the-go protection and emergency response. Whether you’re performing evacuations in a helicopter or rescues at sea, your signals and messages need to be coming in loud and clear. Smart technology and cloud-based services make all of this possible and more.
  • Mobile Device Management: When police are running license plates, identifying suspects or radioing in for backup, they need to know that their mobile devices will always be secure and up-and-running no matter where they are. Industry-specific managed IT services help first responders gain remote access to the Internet, criminal databases and patient records. From laptops in cars to government-issued phones and body cams, smart technology is one of the best tools law enforcement has when it comes to improving public safety.

How STEP CG Can Help:

Is your community interested in leveraging the power of technology to improve public safety? Want to learn more about how cloud-based IT services empower mobile law enforcement and first responders to work confidently in the field and stay out of harm’s way? NetCloud from Cradlepoint offers the mobile solutions it takes to protect your citizens and prioritize public safety above all else.

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