STEP CG and Celona Join Forces to Bring 5G LANs to the Enterprise Market
COVINGTON, Ky., November X, 2021 -- STEP CG, Where Innovation Meets Execution,
today announced it is partnering with Celona, the leading innovator of 5G LAN solutions, to deliver new 4G/5G LAN solutions to communities, schools, and enterprise customers, giving them the ability to now deploy their own private LTE/5G wireless networks.

Leveraging new unlicensed cellular spectrum recently made available by the FCC, known as Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), private LTE and 5G is giving organizations new ultra-reliable, deterministic wireless connectivity for a wide range of latency-sensitive use cases such aa Industrial IoT system, smart cities, manufacturing automation, robotics and the extension of broadband access for remote learning.

“We view private 5G LANs as a transformative new enterprise technology,” said Ed Walton, CEO of STEP CG. “Until now the private use of cellular wireless has largely eluded the enterprise. That has all changed–opening the door to solve many of the mobility, performance and coverage issues companies have faced with conventional wireless technology. This is creating a massive opportunity to supercharge enterprise infrastructures everywhere.”

According to research firm IDC, worldwide revenue attributable to the sales of private LTE/5G infrastructure will grow to an estimated $5.7 billion in 2024 with a 5-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43.4%. Enterprise 5G startup Celona is on a mission to make private LTE and 5G a reliable and viable wireless option for enterprise connectivity. STEP CG is a fast-growing leading nationwide technology engineering firm and solution provider with deep experience in enterprise networks and delivering wireless services. Together, STEP CG and Celona are partnering to bring new, innovative solutions that allow communities, schools, and enterprise customers to take back control and deploy their own LTE/5G wireless networks.

With its nationwide presence and decades of experience delivering technology solutions to enterprises, STEP CG is leveraging Celona’s technology to deliver engineering, analytics, and network-as-a-service offerings to organizations across the country. Its network technology solutions are powered by an elite group of engineers and best-of-breed technologies in use across a wide range of industries.

Celona burst onto the scene in November 2020 with its 5G LAN platform and Edgeless Enterprise Architecture –allowing enterprises, for the first time, to own and operate their own private LTE/5G networks. With CBRS-based private cellular, institutions of all kinds can provide deterministic, ultra-reliable wireless connectivity.

Patented MicroSlicing™ technology is used to automatically enforce QoS over the air, integrating directly with the existing enterprise LAN security and policy framework.

Celona’s unique approach now gives enterprises a fully integrated 5G LAN that IT staff can easily deploy and manage like a conventional wireless LAN with the added benefits of extended coverage, seamless roaming, predictable performance and deterministic connectivity.

“This flexibility makes it easy to rollout digital initiatives on their own dedicated express lane of robust wireless connectivity for applications that demand strict quality of service levels and network performance,” said Rajeev Shah, co-founder and CEO of Celona. “Our Edgeless architecture allows for private 5G technology installation as an out-of-box experience in enterprise environments.”


About Celona
Celona, the enterprise 5G company, is focused on enabling organizations of all sizes to implement the latest generation of digital automation initiatives in enterprise wireless. Taking advantage of dynamic spectrum sharing options such as CBRS in the United States, Celona’s Edgeless Enterprise architecture is designed to automate the adoption of private cellular wireless by enterprise organizations and their technology partners. For more information, please visit and follow Celona on Twitter @celonaio.

Celona Media Contact:
Jay Nichols, Nichols Communications,

Celona Company Contact:
David Callisch, Celona,


About STEP CG:
STEP CG, LLC is a highly innovative, award-winning, nationwide IT services engineering firm specializing in solutions powered by strategic experts and best-of-breed technologies that guide their clients through complex IT challenges. STEP CG was founded in 2014 and has become one of the fastest-growing technology firms in the Midwest. Their portfolio enables enterprises with solutions for wireline, wireless, cellular, cloud, security, collaboration, and managed services. STEP CG is a privately held company headquartered in Covington, Kentucky. STEP CG is where innovation meets execution.


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